25 May 2024 · Colonies in all states.

For a couple of years the apiary has been ticking over, generally going well, we've been managing disease when needed, keeping things tidy, doing the odd experiment, and learning as we went.

For the first time, today's inspection gave us a radically different situation in each hive. One had a queen laying only drone brood, another was plain non-viable. Then the other three hives gave us reasons to be happier. One had a near-perfect configuation. Brood was in its typical shape in the brood box with off-white honey collecting in the supers. The two remaining double-brooded hives showed astonishing productivity, both in terms of laying and honey production. We had to perform a split on one of them there and then. They didn't like it much, but hopefully it was for the best.

I could write a lot about this inspection, but our general feelings were something like the following:

I'll be going to the apiary a couple more times this week to trim the rapidly-growing vegetation, change over some old comb, add a super or two, and maybe even to peek at the bees.