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This site started off in 2017 as a list of places that my family I had been to and at least one of us wanted to go to again. We like exploring Somerset and keeping a list meant that we wouldn't forget the good stuff. However, Somerset is quite spread out, and sometimes visiting places takes quite a lot of time and petrol. We wanted to have a place online to keep the list and to be able to check it quickly when we were in a particular corner of the county to remind ourselves of what's good and nearby, no matter how long the full list got. We started this site for ourselves and friends and kept it under password access as we slowly added to it and tweaked the interface, and years later we've opened it up to anyone who might find it useful.

This site presents the list from the point of view of an intrepid traveller in any of the towns and villages of Somerset and Bristol. The idea is that you can call the list up on your phone when travelling around the county and see what's near you that we liked. The site can also be used to plan days out by 'chaining through' through towns and villages, building up an itinerary.

A rainbow colour code is used throughout to make it easier to compare places by distance. The idea is that blue means 'here' or nearby, green means a journey suitable for a few hours out of the house, or a 10km, 15-minute drive, yellow means 20km or a half-hour drive and red means a journey suitable for a day trip, or a 30km, 45-minute drive. Further-flung places, often listed because there's no nearer alternative, are just listed with a white background. For large areas (e.g. hills or beaches), the coordinates used by this site will be the most convenient car access to the place in question. If there is none, a central point will be used.

This isn't an advertising or review site. However, contributions of data describing fun or interesting places are welcome and will be credited if you wish. We won't add them automatically but instead use them as a suggestion to check a place out. At the minimum, all that's required is a geolocation (latitude and longitude) and a name. A URL and short description really helps too. We also maintain a few links for community or local government websites for each place. If you have a non-commercial community website link, please let us know about it too and we'll stick it up. In general, just contact me if you would like to add your own data or correct an error.