The Curious Pumpkin

The Curious Pumpkin · A friendly vegan café selling good, inexpensive subs, burgers, etc.

in Weston-super-Mare.
51.348164, -2.977174
51.348164°N, 2.977174°W
51° 20.890′N, 2° 58.630′W
51° 20′ 53.4″N, 2° 58′ 37.8″W
OSGR ST 31953 61518 = easting 331953, northing 161518
Nearest postcode (18m away)
BS23 1JB
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Categories: ☕ Cafés · 🌱 Vegan and Vegetarian options.

Friendly, unpretentious vegan café. The focus seems to be on vegan versions of popular foods like subs, burgers, and so on, but they do it well and for not much money. Part of me can't quite believe all that burger was strictly vegan, but I'm sure it was.