Ralph's Wood

Ralph's Wood · A young wood with views of the church. Popular with dog walkers.

in East Brent.
51.259907, -2.946995
51.259907°N, 2.946995°W
51° 15.594′N, 2° 56.820′W
51° 15′ 35.7″N, 2° 56′ 49.2″W
OSGR ST 33928 51676 = easting 333928, northing 151676
Nearest postcode (552m away)
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Categories: 🚶 Walking and hiking · 🆓 Free or very cheap.

A young 5.5-hectare wood with a mown strip in the centre with benches looking over to East Brent church. Nice views of Brent Knoll too. Very popular with dog walkers in the nearby villages, who don't always take the little plastic bags when they leave the wood. Pretty stream and animal run at the back of the wood.