Loves · A laid-back vegetarian café with live music and independent films.

in Weston-super-Mare.
51.3503397, -2.979955
51.3503397°N, 2.979955°W
51° 21.020′N, 2° 58.797′W
51° 21′ 1.2″N, 2° 58′ 47.8″W
OSGR ST 31763 61762 = easting 331763, northing 161762
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BS23 2AL
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Categories: ☕ Cafés · 🐶 Dog-friendly · 🌱 Vegan and Vegetarian options · 🎵 Live music.

A comfy, vegetarian antidote to the usual cafés in Weston. Good food, a laid-back atmosphere, shelves of books, and regular events in the evenings featuring independent films or live music.