Brean Down

Brean Down · A natural pier and a beach providing a great place to walk.

2.1km/1⅓mi from Uphill.
51.3216858, -3.0110056
51.3216858°N, 3.0110056°W
51° 19.301′N, 3° 0.660′W
51° 19′ 18.1″N, 3° 0′ 39.6″W
OSGR ST 29557 58605 = easting 329557, northing 158605
Nearest postcode (122m away)
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Categories: 🆓 Free or very cheap · ⛰ Beautiful views · ☕ Cafés · 🪁 Kite spots and kite shops · 🚶 Walking and hiking.

The beach can get crowded in summer with tourists driving their cars onto it, but it's a nice place for a walk in winter or playing on the beach in summer.

There's a National Trust café nearby that gets busy in summer and often has no vegan options besides fresh fruit.