The Sheppey

The Sheppey · Cool, cosy pub with great food.

in Godney.
51.181849, -2.750284
51.181849°N, 2.750284°W
51° 10.911′N, 2° 45.017′W
51° 10′ 54.7″N, 2° 45′ 1.0″W
OSGR ST 47564 42838 = easting 347564, northing 142838
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Categories: 🍻 Pubs.

Lovely pub out in the middle of the Levels, near several good nature reserves. The staff are friendly, the food is very nicely prepared and tastes great, the place has eclectic character, and they have regular DJ and band nights. The place has a hip, chilled-out kind of atmosphere. The back looks out onto the River Sheppey, and you can watch it flow gently by as you eat or drink.

Our recommendation: Go for a walk on a reserve and drop in here for lunch.