Lollover Hill

A short walk and climb from the church to wide panoramic views.

in Dundon.
51.089638, -2.74475
51.089638°N, 2.74475°W
51° 5.378′N, 2° 44.685′W
51° 5′ 22.7″N, 2° 44′ 41.1″W
OSGR ST 47847 32581 = easting 347847, northing 132581
Nearest postcode (270m away)
TA11 6TE
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Categories: 🆓 Free or very cheap · 🚶 Walking and hiking · ⛰ Beautiful views.

Park at St Andrews church with the ancient yew tree and walk down the road, continuing a little further until you see a gate to a footpath. Walk onwards and upwards for 15 minutes or so. It's the best view/effort walk you'll do in Somerset!

Coordinates are for the church car park.