Ham Wall Nature Reserve

Ham Wall Nature Reserve · A wetland reserve with views over the marshes, famous for birdwatching.

2.0km/1¼mi from Meare.
51.155, -2.775
51.155°N, 2.775°W
51° 9.300′N, 2° 46.500′W
51° 9′ 18.0″N, 2° 46′ 30.0″W
OSGR ST 45805 39870 = easting 345805, northing 139870
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Categories: 🚶 Walking and hiking · 🐦 Birdwatching · 🆓 Free or very cheap.

A wetland nature reserve with views across the Avalon marshes to Glastonbury tor and lots of little paths. It's even possible to walk most of the way to Glastonbury through Ham Wall. Great for birdwatching and wildlife.