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Dundon Beacon · Winding paths through ancient woods, unspoilt meadows full of wildlife.

in Dundon.
51.086944, -2.736944
51.086944°N, 2.736944°W
51° 5.217′N, 2° 44.217′W
51° 5′ 13.0″N, 2° 44′ 13.0″W
OSGR ST 48390 32276 = easting 348390, northing 132276
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TA11 6TE
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Categories: 🆓 Free or very cheap · ⛰ Beautiful views · 🚶 Walking and hiking.

Winding paths through ancient woodland, clearings with rope swings, unspoilt meadows full of butterflies in the summer and views of Sedgemoor for a long way. The hilltop was once occupied by an iron age fort. Given how pretty it is and how full of wildlife, it's surprising how few people you encounter on a typical walk there.