UFO · Bike, scooter, kite and skate shop with lots of fun stuff.

in Weston-super-Mare.
51.346927, -2.973973
51.346927°N, 2.973973°W
51° 20.816′N, 2° 58.438′W
51° 20′ 48.9″N, 2° 58′ 26.3″W
OSGR ST 32174 61377 = easting 332174, northing 161377
Nearest postcode (28m away)
BS23 1RB
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Contact info
Telephone: 01934 644988.

Categories: 🪁 Kite spots and kite shops.

Small shop packed full of fun stuff like bikes, scooters, kites (stunt, kitesurfing), skates and skateboards. Really friendly and knowledgable staff - Douggy took the time to explain how to choose, set up and fly our stunt kite and advised on safety and technique.