Crook Peak

Crook Peak · A Mendip peak with a mountainous appearance giving views for a long way.

in Compton Bishop.
51.29146, -2.872449
51.29146°N, 2.872449°W
51° 17.488′N, 2° 52.347′W
51° 17′ 29.3″N, 2° 52′ 20.8″W
OSGR ST 39171 55120 = easting 339171, northing 155120
Nearest postcode (412m away)
BS26 2HN
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Categories: 🚶 Walking and hiking · 🆓 Free or very cheap · ⛰ Beautiful views.

This marks the start of the footpath near a car park on Webbington Road. A 1.3km walk leads to the peak, and there are loops along which you can stop at pubs.

The most western peak of the Mendip hills, with a mountainous appearance, in the centre of a belt of uncultivated land. Eastwards are the nearby summits of Compton Hill, Barton Hill and Wavering Down. There are views a long way in all directions over the Levels, the Bristol Channel and the Quantocks. Glastonbury Tor can be clearly seen.