Brent Knoll

The Isle of Frogs - an Iron Age hill fort with panoramic views.

in Brent Knoll.
51.2540397, -2.9458242
51.2540397°N, 2.9458242°W
51° 15.242′N, 2° 56.749′W
51° 15′ 14.5″N, 2° 56′ 45.0″W
OSGR ST 34001 51023 = easting 334001, northing 151023
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Brent Knoll is a 137m hill on the Somerset Levels.

Brent Knoll Camp is an Iron Age hill fort on Brent Knoll. Before the Somerset Levels were drained, Brent Knoll was an island, known as the Isle (or Mount) of Frogs, that provided a safe haven from the water and marshes. According to legend, Ider son of Nuth, who was one of King Arthur's knights, came to the Mount of Frogs on a quest to slay three giants who lived there.

It has good views of the Polden Hills to the south, Glastonbury Tor to the east, the Mendip Hills and Cheddar Gorge to the north east, the Bristol Channel and Wales to the west and the Quantock Hills to the south west.