Twilight feed

Dan and I felt a bit cooped up so we went for a walk into town to have some food at a local pub. By the time we got back it was dusk, but we still had to feed the bees. So, to the hooting of nearby owls, we trudged into the wood and opened up the hive. Dan swapped the cards in the trail cameras while I tipped 1.5 litres of 2:1 syrup into the feeder that they'd glued to the crown board with propolis. With the Porter bee escape it's easy now. The roof and feeder lid comes off, the syrup is poured in with no bees in the way, and on go the lid and roof. Fifty or so bees had left the colony by the narrow entrance, now with the block fitted, but they just seemed to be sitting on the outside of the hive for a bit. They didn't even seem to be making much noise, apart from one bee that was hooting on and off. It was still 15˚C, so it was possible they were still foraging.

I don't think we'd been in the wood that late before, and feeding bees by torchlight was a new experience.

I'll be stepping up the feeding now to twice or three times per week to get them ready for winter. The next time will be on Thursday, when we'll see what's happened about the supersedure. Stay tuned!