Long to reign over us

Friday lunchtime is a great time to do an inspection. This weekend is forecast to pour with rain so we took a lunch of 1kg of 2:1 sugar syrup to the bees. Also joining us was a wasp. At one point it even managed to get into the reduced entrance for a few seconds before being ejected again. We wondered if the bees' docility also extended to their reaction to intruders. We've ordered a Wasp Out and if it makes sense to, we'll fit it next week.

Again Dan spotted the queen. She was in the corner of a frame on the third frame in. She had an entourage of worker bees around her. The four supersedure cells hadn't become any bigger, so it seems that she's got rid of the new queens while in the cell. We carefully put her back.

Otherwise, things look fine in there. No signs of disease, stores building up, and brood in all stages, including lots and lots of eggs.