Every other day

Another feed today, with the proper inspection planned for tomorrow. If bees are producing honey, people tell me, then they are happy. Ours have taken over a litre of syrup since Wednesday. There were still about fifty of them in the feeder trying to get at the little dry sugar that was at the bottom. I had to pour the syrup in slowly to give the crowd time to back up out of the way.

It seems that given their consumption levels of the sugar, I should be making and taking them food every other day right now. This is a good sign.

For those interested in the asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia), the Washington State Department of Agriculture recently tackled a nest in the base of a dead alder tree, using a specialised vaccum, thermal imaging, nets and other equipment. From the video they publish on YouTube, you can see the larvae in the comb as well as hornets entering and leaving a nest from the week before.