Slowly getting used to the new front door

I went to feed the bees again today. I'm still not sure the Wasp Out is very popular with the bees. It's clear that some of them had learned to enter at the sides of the trunking, but just as many were by the perforated entrance. The hive seemed quiet, though that's likely because it was a nice warm day and they are out foraging. Hopefully that means there will be more coming and going and more of them will learn about the new arrangements.

There were no bees in the roof at all, just a few earwigs. These aren't found in the main brood box with our colonies so the worker bees out on patrol will have dealt with them.

So, it was just a case of removing the roof, tipping in the syrup, and putting it back on again. Considering the speed at which they're consuming the syrup, I'm considering moving from the current 2.5l feeder to a 6l feeder, but I really don't mind topping them up every other day, and they don't seem to either.