No fondant thanks

It's getting to that time in the year that temperatures above 15°C are getting rarer and sometimes only happen for a few hours in the day. This afternoon was the time the Weather had decided to get me out into the woods to see how the bees are.

As usual, there were a few surprises. The main one is the dramatic drop in how much the queen is laying. Although we usually see her, I didn't this time, but I did see some new eggs in there, so no big deal. Around this time of year, the queen can actually stop laying all together, and I understand this isn't a huge concern.

How are winter preparations looking inside the colony? Pretty good. When I first opened the hive, I saw they'd hardly touched the block of fondant. However, inside, nearly seven frames were filled with stores. Amazing. I guess the wood has more than enough sources of nectar, and far better than that fondant. Still, we'll keep feeding them through the winter in case.

One of the bees fell in the fondant but after I fished her out with my hive tool, she seemed to get all of it off her wings while I did the inspection.