Unwelcome guests

It's been an entire month since we left any food for the bees, so we thought we should head down today to give them some more. Joining us today was Charlie, who I've wanted to show the bees for some time. Unfortunately, now he's around, it's too cold to open up the hive. However, it's fine to open up the roof for a bit if it's 11°C, and at least we could give him an idea of how the hive worked.

When we arrived there Dan was the first to notice twenty or thirty bees around the entrance of the hive, clearly agitated. On the underside of the roof was a hibernating wasp. Dan removed her and she sat on his glove for a while while I replaced the roof. Charlie remarked that they seemed more quiet and chilled out. In any case, I can't imagine that the wasp was a welcome guest.

Removing the other hive to make way for the new neighbours tomorrow, we saw two more wasps in its parts.

They hadn't eaten much of last month's food, but we left a new bag of Fondabee anyway.

Halfway through all of this, Charlie noticed a barn owl had been watching us do the feeding and flew off. I love that wood.