Crunch mode

A new, much stricter, seven-week national pandemic lockdown was announced on Monday evening. On top of that, it's been crunch time at work. This week, very little in the way of real life has happened lately due to this double bubble.

Midweek, however, saw a virtual meeting of our folk horror film club for a viewing of the psychedelic and haphazard Japanese horror House (1977). It served as an effective mental defragmenter, the intense imagery and the baffling plot distracting me and leaving me with a much clearer head than any coffee or freezing run could.

With all this time indoors, it's time to move my amateur radio eduction on a bit. Despite moving out of the city of Cambridge years ago now, I'm still a member of the local radio club, CDARC. The training provided by this club was what led to my foundation licence and intermediate licence. Both courses were led by Peter Howell M0DCV and were comprehensive, clear and enjoyable. Today is the start of Peter's course for the full amateur radio licence, so I'm really looking forward to getting back to my radio study.

Despite all the time at home, things are still happening and the seasons slowly wheel and shift. Plans are being made, optimistic plans for get-togethers at Midsummer and for festivals we hope will take place. On our IRC server, we’re also talking about spring making project ambitions and old and new activities easier — beekeeping, kayaking on river and sea, wild swimming, motorcycling, trail running, hiking, caving, surfing, astronomy, and of course hacking of various sorts. In the middle of a pandemic lockdown, in the very dead of winter, when most of my thoughts throughout the day are based around what goes on inside a computer, it’s good to remember there’s a world beyond. I only moved here in November, so I’ve no idea what my new home looks like in spring and summer. I’m looking forward to long sunny evenings walking along local footpaths to pubs. In the meantime, I won't begrudge myself the occasional nap.