A quiet few days

It's a much shorter entry this week. On Wednesday morning our crunch was over with our first ever release sitting stably on our server. It was great to get it done. By comparison, the rest of the week was more relaxed.

Though I've little to write about, Dan has been busy this weekend. He has been setting up a pubnix, which he has named heathens.club. A pubnix is, in one sense, a server for the provision of computational services. However, among the user base of a pubnix, there's often a non-commercial emphasis on building a community, on the development of digital skills via creative collaboration, and on encouraging online socialising. There is a long pubnix history. The SDF Public Access Unix System was one of the first and is still going very strong. Much more recently, small and highly decentralised communities and services have sprung up, each with their own theme and culture. Together, these pubnixes and other services constitute an online scene called the tildeverse. I hope to contribute to heathens.club myself somehow, perhaps as a kind of deputy sysadmin or by writing scripts and services. There's now a Mumble server there too, wide open on port 64738 to anyone who wants to chat to us using their voice (!).

We had the second lesson of the CDARC full amateur radio licence course this afternoon. It was on the properties of tuned circuits and was taught by Richard Parker G4AWP. I've always found this side of things fairly abstract and something 'you just need to learn', but for this course Richard used the Falstad circuit simulator to demonstrate about ten relevant circuits. It allows you to see what's happening to the voltage and current at important points in the circuit and what that meant in terms of AC phase, reactance, resonance effects, and so on. Very clear indeed. My homework for next week is to build my own tuned circuits in the simulator, revisit these ideas, and hopefully get them feeling more or less intuitive.