Code, Car Parks, and Colony Monitoring

Loads of work this week — a mini-crunch at work at the start of the week and three shifts with the CEVs at the covid clinic. The former led to a successful demo to a client and a new understanding of how to process ontological data. The latter led to lots of people being vaccinated and meeting lots of interesting people. All in all I'm very happy with how the week has gone, and I caught up on my sleep too.

Outside, the weather is warming up and in a few weeks we'll start to think about planning for our 2021 beekeeping. I'll be assisted this year by Dan and we'll hopefully get four colonies going in rural Wiltshire woodland. On Saturday I had a video call with a long-lost friend, Tarek Abudawood. Since we had last spoken he has formed a company called Sodasiat which, as well as helping to sell beekeepers' honey, is working on hive monitoring systems. In recent years more and more beekeepers have been experimenting with hive scales, temperature sensors, microphones, and so on, inside the hive. They give information about what's going on with the colony without having to disturb them. Though I've always enjoyed beekeeping partly for its contrast with my usual work, the experience of being out in nature, and therefore have been less keen on installing such things, I like to keep an eye on the open-source hive monitoring projects out there. Talking to Tarek about his company's work and beekeeping in general got me excited about the beekeeping season to come and the work I'd be doing with Dan to get these colonies going.

Sunday was a day free of any commitments, so I caught up on my radio study and spend some of the evening coding stuff up for We are now accepting new users and have a cool bulletin board system on the server. We have welcomed noa, and Toxie has put up Conotox Music, his archive of tracks that he's produced over the years. Things are growing nicely there.

Pretty rough weather is forecast for the next few days, but I hope to get out and do some long walks, or even a couple of runs, for the first time in a while.