Crunchy week

We had a intense storm at the beginning of his week. On Monday, Dan was going to ride over on his motorbike but the Met Office had issued a yellow warning and I opted to stay inside, drinking coffee, listening to the howling wind, and worked on what became a mini-crunch. It went well in the end, and the week ended on a high note with good progress on some technology demos.

Besides this, I've added a few things to the code that generates this site. I like text, but sometimes graphics are much better for communication, so I've been learning about the Scalable Vector Graphics format. I've written a bunch of code that allows me to describe general diagrams at a high level and output them as very small, optimised, inline SVG. There's still a bit of work to do on this but the results should be seen around this site in a few weeks.

We are beginning to hear a bit more about swarming. This week I got a call to collect a small swarm in Trowbridge and another call to discuss the likelihood of upcoming swarms. The continuously wet weather right now and for the coming week suggests there won't be many swarm reports coming up immediately, but as soon as it gets warmer we might be in with more of a chance.

Trail cameras

The trail camera video from Friday is lots of fun this week. The animals in the woods, particularly the rabbits and squirrels, are bounding about everywhere and chasing each other. There's quite a few shots of hares, the birds, a fox, and nice detailed video of the stag.

Pretty engines

The blog has been short this week, so here's a great page to take a look at if you've ever wanted to learn about how the internal combustion engine works or any of the other cool stuff that Bartosz Ciechanowski has explained on his site using his amazingly clear interactive illustrations.