Sunshine (update)

Dan has edited and sent out the new video for this week! The associated photos are also available.

Though it appears I made the fundamental error of situating one of the cameras behind some pretty obvious branches (particularly noticable under infrared light), this week's video has a few nice surprises.

There is some lovely video of the doe munching on the trees and her spotty, still-wobbly fawn wandering around behind her. There are the usual magpies, strutting pheasants, and a fairly wide variety of other birds. You can see them calling quite a bit in this video, too. There are squirrels and lots of rabbits chasing each other around at high speed and digging holes.

Just after five minutes into the video, the fox seems to have found a late dinner — he's wandering into the grass with a large black bird in his mouth. Later, the same fox seems to have noticed the camera. Maybe they can see its infra-red light.

This week I'm going to try taking some aerial shots of the wood and us in it. I'll order a small, remote-activated camera and mount it at the top of a 10m fibreglass pole. This is easily above the treeline and should provide us with a bird's-eye (or hornet's-eye) view.