A happy and fecund Midsummer to everyone! Lately I've been going to bed as it's been light and waking up again to the daylight. It's hard to believe the sun goes down at 4pm here in winter, and even just before on Midwinter night.


From Thursday's camera check, there are some very nice photographs and video.

Firstly, the photos are great. We have a fawn, mouth slightly open, in the front of the shot, with the doe at the back. This close-up view of them appears in the video for about half a minute, too. The stag appears a little later in the week, too. He looks itchy.

When we go to get the SD cards in the cameras, we can clearly see parts of the wood where the grass has been flattened, and the animals seem to have made paths in the tall grass. We only now visit the small area where the cameras are situated; the rest of the wood is left well alone. The video also features rabbits, squirrels, magpies and other birds, and some nice clips of foxes.

Other than this, I've been thinking much more than I've been doing this week. Now that normal life is returning after the pandemic there are plans for projects and collaborations, but not enough to talk about for now.

Tin and lead

I now own a soldering iron. I've mentioned the N7DDC ATU-100 antenna tuner today. There's even a N7DDC ATU-100 demo I came across, in which the developer, David Fainitski, demonstrates that it does indeed work well. Opening the kit, I could see quite a lot had been surface-mounted, but all the components and the tiny solder pads made me wonder if I'd overestimated my skills. Before long, though, I was winding coils around ferrite toroids and soldering relays to the board, with a bit of help from Sam Keating-Fry M0SKF. I misjudged the amount of wire I'd need, and having snipped most of the supplied quantity up, I've had to order some more, along with a solder sucker. Let's see next week if the ATU works.

In part the prompt for this, Big Clive is a well-known electrical engineer who I've mentioned here before. I came across his video A simple guide to electronic components, which, in thirty-eight minutes covers an impressive amount of ground with the lucidity of an engineer who knows his subject deeply. I watched this and his video on how to solder before embarking on making the ATU-100 and it helped!

Also this week

Browser games like A Dark Room (2013) and Wayfinder (2021) (cf. Journey (2012)), but not like Universal Paperclips (2017); moving away from what has replaced the old Freenode to the new libera.chat (I'm rawles on libera.chat, and am no longer a user of the new fork of Freenode); hot sauce of various intensities; early nights and early mornings; the rain.