My week has mostly been dominated by the delivery of just over a milligram of honey bee venom into my system. You can read all about this in the post appearing on my bee blog tomorrow, but for now, let me summarise the other events of the week.

Trail cameras

A special video this week from Dan. The trailcam video for 2021-09-26 is just under ten minutes in length. There are groups of mice running around the floor and in the branches of trees. We have squirrels, hares and rabbits. Lots of rabbits, in fact, including some very young ones. There are deer grazing near our hives to make an idyllic picture. Later, a pigeon lands on the top of one of the hive, unaware of a whole city in miniature beneath. We have pheasants, including young ones, with feathers sticking out everywhere. There are lumbering badgers walking from foreground into the background and other detailed footage of their night-time operations. This is a good video for several species appearing in one shot. A fox appears with a badger, but the star of the show is a fox and a long, ferret-like mustelid. We think it could be a polecat.


I walked the farm's dogs this week. One is an excitable Jack Russell who refuses to come unless she can pick the route. The other is a black Labrador puppy with far more energy than she can use up in any time period. Walking round the farm with the dogs was a welcome break from the keyboard, and a nice daily ritual.

The passing of the seasons

It was the equinox this week, and the beginning of Autumn. I was invited to a feast at Dan's. Traditional food and drink like pork, cider, local cheeses along with tons of other good stuff. We sat around the table talking, played with the kittens, and made plans for this year's Wassail.

On Saturday, Dan came over. I was a little spaced-out for one reason or another, but we did discover that salads at the farm shop are as substantial as their burgers. He brought me a copy of Mushrooms (Collins Gem) by Patrick Harding. A little pocket book to bring on walks to assist me in identifying species of fungi I might come across, as well as the species that they might be confused with. It packs a lot of information into a small volume. We are going mushroom hunting with Adam FC soon, so I'll take it to that, as well as every walk I remember to take it on this autumn.

Also this week

Vote chess dawdles forward, with (in my own opinion) Mastodon holding a narrow lead over Twitter after five half-moves.


Spicy pillows; 雪合戦 (snowball fights); the Open Book as an alternative to the Kindle, etc; Manyverse and Scuttlebutt as an alternative to microblogging; using % to jump to a matching brace in vim; a 3-D printable digital sundial.