Some weeks, a lot happens. Other weeks, not much. This week has seen heavy rain all week and a significant proportion of it was spent scripting experiments to convert descriptions of furniture to better descriptions of furniture.

I did two nice things.

The first was meeting up with my sister and her kids for a meal and spending the evening at theirs. Nothing specific really happened; it's just good that time together is a regular thing.

And today I met up with Dan and Adam FC to for a fungal foray at Ashton Court, where Adam and I had been two years ago for a course with Go Foraging. We went before in mid-November, and maybe we were a bit early in the year this time, because we searched in the pouring rain for a while and found four species. Maybe it's a well-known area for mushroom hunting and lots of people had been there earlier in the weekend. We discussed our finds at the café while the rain poured outside. After a while the sun came out and we headed home.

(Dan's recollections of the expedition are also available.)

Plans are being made to have another foray in a month or two. In the meantime, I'm thinking about getting a really good rain suit, as well as trying to learn the physical characteristics of mushrooms in the hope that it'll make the task of distinguishing between similar species easier. A small library of good identification books and the #mycology channel on has helped in the past, but nothing beats actual knowledge. Who knows, one day we may even see some we recognise with enough confidence to bring home for dinner.