Rainbow Wood

I had some nice trips to the pub and the noodle place in the week, but the most fun was a walk around Rainbow Wood in Bath. This time of year the trees are on the verge of changing colour and there are mushrooms everywhere. To make up for last week, this week we saw about a dozen species, some of which looked really unusual. I'm no good at identifying fungi, yet.

(Dan's memories of the mushroom walk are also available.)

I've been messing around with coding in my spare time a bit this week, but thanks to Blenchly I've discovered GNU LilyPond, a program for engraving music. It was surprisingly easy to get the hang of, and I'm building up a small personal songbook of pieces I enjoy playing. Lilypond does a great job of using its layout rules to produce something that looks pleasing and also fairly traditional. It outputs a MIDI file too, so you can check by ear if you've entered the notes correctly.