A long week

By the time Thursday night rolled around, I was happy to off the computer and in the noodle place, and later, in our favourite underground bar. Nearly four days of continuous coding catches up with you, I guess. The next evening was spent with family eating some excellent curry together. And then, all weekend apart from a quick trip out to get one of the final beekeeping inspections done, I've been in bed, shivery and fluey, drifting in and out of sleep. But it's worth it to not get Covid. Maybe the worse I feel, the better my immune system is doing at making sure that doesn't happen.

So, a short one this week, mostly because an early night feels like a good idea. The only thing that remains is to draw everyone's attention to the return of Do!! You!!! Radio, now in a new online home. In particular, Charlie Bones will also be back, brightening up the morning with the widest and most enlightening selection of music.

Have a good week, everyone.