Greenwich Mean Time

Everything is telling that winter is just around the corner. A storm woke me up last night and my volunteer group are already receiving flood warnings from the rain. It's now too cold to see what the bees are doing besides the occasional replacement of their feed. Last night I slept for fifteen hours and woke up feeling like a hibernating bear.

I had some nice meals out this week, not just the noodles but a couple of meals out with family in some of the pubs I used to go to as a teenager. Where used to be dark, traditional, boozy spaces now are more upmarket, open, airy, more upmarket, and devoted to serving good food.

And the final meal was for Samhain, which of course is today. We had a huge feast and drank mead and cider. Listening to music and talking afterwards, I told Dan I'd bought a new CD player this week. He gave me a couple of CDs to go along with the one that made it here in the move — Joel Rubin's Hungry Hearts (Classic Yiddish Clarinet Solos of the 1920s).

And, as the wind howls outside, I'm going to climb the wooden hill.