(A web colophon outlines technical information about a website.)

The fonts used on this site are from the family Alegreya ht by Huerta Tipográfica. They look great, they load quickly, and they are licensed under the SIL Open Font Licence. Before that, I used Linux Libertine and Biolinum. The stylesheet used for layout is by me and is inspired by that used in Spivak's maths textbook Calculus.

This website doesn't use cookies, web analytics, advertisting frameworks, or any other means of tracking your visits besides the information that appears in the Apache web server logs.

In opposition to the continuing wave of destruction of the open web, I offer content syndication here. Some pages, especially those based on lists of updates, have RSS 1.0 feeds. Why RSS 1.0? I am a big fan of the Semantic Web, which RSS 1.0 forms part of, and RSS 1.0 was the last open and agreed standard for site syndication. RIP Aaron Swartz. You can tell a page with content syndiction because the symbol RSS feed appears in the top-right header of the page. This symbol acts as a link to the feed itself — clicking it will display the source of the feed, allow the user to subscribe to the feed, etc. The feed URL is also embedded in the metadata for the page in the usual way.

I try to actively manage dead links on this site with an automated link checker. You may be at this page because you saw an access from my link checker in your web server's logs. The bot's User-Agent header is simply: (+

The linkchecker obeys the robots exclusion standard, but if you feel that the link checker is causing you problems, please contact me and I'll omit your site(s) from the link checking.