Rawles elsewhere

The things we produce on the web and beyond are scattered over hundreds of services and networks, perhaps associated with hundreds of user identities. Here I try to collect some of the more active ones together.

Programming and other computer projects:
GitHub for code; Trello for ideas.
Social networking services:
General announcements on Twitter.
London Hackspace:
I am a member and have a presence on its wiki.
I am rawles on Freenode. I chat a fair bit on a couple of private IRC networks. If we know each other in real life, ask me for details.
You can use my private key with gpg, or keybase, if you prefer.
LinkedIn; SoundCloud.

I've cut back my use of social networks drastically, and feel much better for it. I aim to eventually just use this website to host ‘my stuff’. Because of this, I'm no longer a user of Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify or WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp still seems to give the impression that I am, in as much as people trying to send messages to me don't get any kind of error. Stick to email or SMS please!