Key signing

My key is not yet in the strong set. The strong set is largest set of keys such that for any two keys in the set, there is a path of signatures from one to the other. For general communication within the web of trust, being a member of this set is an important property of a key.

I'm happy to sign keys of people I know, but to be meaningful, it has to be done with some care. Please print out or write down your key's fingerprint on a slip of paper, which you can get by doing the following on the machine storing your secret key:

gpg -K --fingerprint <keyid>

Give it to me in person. Soon after, I'll sign your key and email it to you, encrypted, at the address(es) given in the uid fields in your key.

I'll sign keys with at least 0x12 (sig2 or casual certification) if I haven't met you before but you've let me check your photo ID. I'll sign with 0x13 (sig3 or positive certification) if I've known you personally for a while.