Amateur radio

My callsign is 2E0RLZ. If you say RLZ it out loud it sounds a bit like 'Rawles'. Maybe? Oh well, never mind. I previously operated as M6OSR, and I'm in the process of moving over to the new callsign.

I occasionally use DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), either BrandMeister or Phoenix, depending where I am. My DMR ID is 2344569. I've more recently got myself a D-STAR radio, too. I sometimes monitor, and on rare occasions speak, on GB7WB near Weston-super-Mare.

I have recently started using packet radio, and in particular my local packet BBS, GB7CIP. I can be sent AX25 email via the address 2E0RLZ@GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO.

Sort-of related to this, you can read about my adventures with running an APRS iGate.