Sunday, 24th February 2019

From Adventures with radio. Comments are welcome via email.

After being down in Somerset for a few weeks, I set up my iGate as 2E0RLZ-10 and hung the antenna so that it points towards the M5 and the A38. Hopefully I'll receive the APRS of a few passing stations, though coverage is pretty good around here, thanks to iGates like G7LEE-1 covering the levels, moors and coast from Glastonbury.

Testing it, and using my radio down here, it's fairly common to receive APRS packets direct from France or even Ireland. I've seen this before, particularly when I've been using my radio up on the hills. This is likely due to tropospheric ducting, the result of climatic conditions causing temperature inversions, which in turn cause a higher refractive index in the atmosphere, and bend the signal. Taking reports from many iGates, it's possible to build an idea of the current propagation from stations operating near 144MHz from the last hour.