Friday, 1st March 2019

From Adventures with radio. Comments are welcome via email.

Yesterday I installed the latest image onto my iGate setup. While I was playing with it, I noticed that sometimes the frequency drifts quite significantly and sometimes it stays pretty much spot on, especially if it's had chance to warm up a bit.

Sometimes the iGate picks up lots of APRS traffic and sometimes it's silent. For a long time I thought this might be due to a dodgy connector or a poorly-constructed antenna. Now I can see that it might be due to frequency shifts. Anecdotally, I also seem to be having better results on clearer days and when there was some tropospheric ducting happening.

Any station I hear seems to be inevitably also heard and reported by G7LEE-1, a much more capable setup on the other side of the Levels in Glastonbury. That means coverage is very good around here, and hopefully my iGate is helping with that, even as a backup station.