Wednesday, 19th June 2019

From Adventures with radio. Comments are welcome via email.

Marrold (of #lhs-radio, the LHS Radio Club IRC channel) now has a HG-UV98, the first Chinese APRS handheld. Details are yet to emerge, but I'm hoping its TNC is accessible, it's hackable with new firmware (including the rough-looking UI), it behaves itself with the radio spectrum and it's rugged. We know its APRS works and it can digipeat. I've been looking for a cheap APRS tracker for a while for when my TH-D74E is off for another one of its two-month repairs. I had my eye on the PicoAPRS and the Tracksoar but the HG-UV98 looks cheaper for those of us who don't need something lightweight and want more power.

Update (2019-06-23): Someone has done a teardown. There's potential for open source alternative firmware, but the limiting factor with extending functionality is that the designers have stuck in a hardware modem/TNC.