APRS coverage of the UK and Ireland

APRS coverage of the UK and Ireland.
APRS coverage for the UK and Ireland since 2018-08-12.

Each black pixel represents the position of a packet igated (and possibly digipeated) from RF. Red pixels represent positions of packets gated from RF, where the igate has the same callsign as the source callsign. APRS objects, which are typically remote to the beaconing device, are not shown on this map. Behind these two layers of pixels, white pixels show packets received in the same time period on APRS-IS. This means that positions where, at some stage, an igated packet was heard and a packet was sent directly to APRS-IS, the position will be seen as igated (black or red). The circles represent the last reported position of igates (and digipeaters). Where these are filled in, the igate has reported a packet count in the top twenty of all igates.

A version many times larger is available for those who are interested in a particular region. This version labels all igates and digipeaters. If you operate an igate or digipeater and would like to see a map showing its coverage area (e.g. 2E0RLZ-10), or you'd like to see only your packets on the map (e.g. M0PLL-9) please get in touch and I'll be happy to make one. Better mapping is on the way!