HF radio

In October 2017, just after getting my foundation licence, I got a second-hand Icom 718 transceiver. This is primarily a high frequency (HF) band transceiver, which can be used to operate on the most popular bands of the amateur service. World-wide contact can be made on only a modest amount of power with a little bit of understanding.

Soon after I moved to a flat in London with very little hope of getting an HF antenna up, but more recently I've moved back to my home country of Somerset and now have access to an whole field for my experiments. Some time ago I rigged up a dipole made of copper wire suitable for the 20m band, hooked up the 718 to a tractor battery, and had some fun playing with slow-scan television, measuring propogation and listening in on the voice chat.

My experiments with HF are occasional and generally learning exercises, but I usually discover something interesting (at least to me), so the plan is to note it down here.

The most recent updates follow in reverse chronological order. Older updates are archived for the year 2019. Comments are welcome via email.

There's now a 5MHz band web SDR near me in Wells, and it's one of many worldwide.