London Hackspace Packet Radio bulletins

The project update bulletins for the London Hackspace packet radio network are sent out on the first of every month to inform the packet radio community of our progress. The bulletin is sent to HACKRS@GBR, meaning it is propagated to the other British packet bulletin board systems and will be seen by users logging onto GB7### AX.25 BBSs. Additionally, the bulletins are archived here and on the London Hackspace wiki.

April 2018 (4770 bytes)
The hackspace is closed; NoV meeting; state of the network; improving APRS coverage; TNC pool.
May 2018 (5668 bytes)
Dire Wolf digipeater and i-gate; clarity on licensing; packet on 4m; towards a NoV for a packet repeater; TNC pool; state of the network; link of the month.
June 2018 (6644 bytes)
June meeting; GB7NWG: our first repeater; a larger TNC pool; packet on other bands; network map; link of the month.
July 2018 (7666 bytes)
July meeting and what happened at June's meeting; GB7NWG; TNC pool; network map; link of the month.
August 2018 (6444 bytes)
September meeting and what happened at July's meeting; hackspace news; two members level up; network map; link of the month.
September 2018 (5537 bytes)
September meeting; Hackspace progress; network map; EMF link of the month.


(4) GB7CIP BBS (H for help) >

Msg#   TSLD  Size To    @Route  From   Date/Time Subject  [LC-choice: *]
298482 B$L   5537 HACKRS@GBR    2E0RLZ 0901/1304 London Hackspace Packet Radio: September 2018 update
293747 B$L   6444 HACKRS@GBR    2E0RLZ 0801/1833 London Hackspace Packet Radio: August 2018 update
289413 B$L   7666 HACKRS@GBR    2E0RLZ 0701/1043 London Hackspace Packet Radio: July 2018 update
284661 B$L   6644 HACKRS@GBR    2E0RLZ 0601/0635 London Hackspace Packet Radio: June 2018 update
280212 B$L   5668 HACKRS@GBR    M6OSR  0501/1608 London Hackspace Packet Radio: May 2018 update
276759 B$L   4770 HACKRS@GBR    M6OSR  0401/2230 London Hackspace Packet Radio: April 2018 update