NEDA Annual 1994

By 1994, the North East Digital Association (NEDA, ‘north-east’ meaning places north and east of St Louis, Missouri, USA) had promoted into existence the Western Hemisphere's largest Amateur Radio packet network. Their Annual from the same year serves as a record of what they needed to know to get to that point and as a reference for us today.

The annual includes:

By kind permission of Tadd Torborg KA2DEW, it's hosted here. It's a large file and is therefore offered in three different file sizes — one being the original and the other two being downsampled versions.

File Resolution Size
neda-annual-1994-72.pdf 72dpi 17.0MiB
neda-annual-1994-144.pdf 144dpi 47.3MiB
neda-annual-1994.pdf (original) 178MiB

Other NEDA documents are available from Tadd's archives of NEDA documents.