Here are some recipes that have worked well for me. If you see a seedling (🌱) next to the name, that means it's vegan food. Otherwise it's vegetarian. If you see a tortoise (🐢) next to the name, that means the recipe is for a slow cooker.

Recipe By
🌱🌮 Mnki Mexicana, a Tongs favourite. Mnki
🌱 Roald Dal, a warm and comforting dal with a lovely texture. Rick
🌱 Sanshi, a recreation of the samosa for the sandwich toaster. Mnki
🌱🐢 Twenty-four-hour caramelised onions. Good for using up left-over onions. Me
🌱🐢🌮 Mushroom chilli. Me

Successful cooking experiments graduate into this list from the recipe lab.

If you'd like to send me your recipe (or changes to the ones here already), I'll put them here with a credit, but please use metric units. Alternatively, I'd also like hand-drawn pictures of any quality to put up alongside the recipes, because there's too much text here.