Onions 1a

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❎ Unsuccessful.

I made the onions but this time with red onions, no vinegar or sugar, but two Cox apples chopped finely, 100g of raisins and 2 tsp of cinnamon, all added at the start. I stirred it a few times as it cooked. Cooking, the smell caused my nephew to gag at breakfast, but I quite liked it. Coming out, it looked like something from Gode Cookery.

The onions tasted a bit bitter. The raisins had long overcooked, the apples had been pulp for hours by this point, and the cinnamon flavour was absent. Next time I'll try adding the extras much later, e.g. at the 18-hour point, and adding some different spices (e.g. coriander) to make it a bit more multi-dimensional. I'd also go back to using brown onions next time. I think red onions are best used fresh.

In another experiment, I think I'll reduce the cooking time to half, just to see if I prefer them a bit less caramelised.