Sanshi 2019

From Recipe lab. Comments are welcome via email.

It's been over a decade since Jotunn or I have had a sanshi. The sanshi was invented by Mnki and resembles a samosa but takes the form of a toasted sandwich. In our twenties, we'd go on group trips and a huge quantity of them would be produced by Mnki when needed, and wolfed down in minutes.

Jotunn made three experimental changes to the recipe. The details are over on his blog, Toast etc, but in summary, he cooked the onion first as well as adding it raw at the end, he added a bit of cumin on top of the garam masala, and stirred a handful of red lentils into the mixture.

The two contrasting sauces to dip the sanshis into — one coriander and garlic and one tonkatsu — made a tasty and nostalgic tea time.

Update (2019-07-29): The next day, we had African peanut stew. I also had inexplicably forgotten to mention the excellent crumble Jotunn had prepared for my arrival.