Dark rye bread

I like the kind of bread that's got the shape and consistency of a house brick and is as dark as possible. Here's how I make it.

This recipe is simple enough to make regularly. You don't need to knead the bread. You just mix the ingredients, leave to rise, and bake. The result is a sweet, dark rye sourdough loaf with loads of seeds. The loaf will last for at least a week. It's so dense and sticky that two half-centimetre-thick slices will fill you up, and one slice with a bit of spread on top is a satisfying snack. This means that even a small loaf will last for ages.

Put all the ingredients into a bowl

An advantage of this recipe is its simplicity. You choose the ingredients from the following list, put it all into a bowl, give it a good stir with a wooden spoon, and you're ready to leave it to rise.

Method after mixing

Serve with: marmalade, avocado, cinnamon butter, cream cheese, rich roast peanut butter or pickles.

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