Tuesday, 18th June 2019

From edit.tf development blog. Comments are welcome via email.

In especially older programs, you'd get a tip of the day when you started up the program. In edit.tf, I had a message like this on the UI which plugged an artist or pointed people to other editors to try out. But because edit.tf is mostly intended to work in a standalone and generic way (i.e., you can download it and use it completely offline), because people have said the tips are clutter, and because of the inevitable linkrot, I'm trying out the editor without them.

In other editor news, I should try to merge in the functionality to do with boxes (start box and end box) that I worked on a couple of years ago. I think I stalled over the question of whether one or two start-box/end-box characters delimit a box. I should just commit it really. Then the editor will support all the reasonable Level 1 functionality.