'James Conserve'

2017-05-16: #mood #hotsauce @edit_tf #oregontrail #peperonyandchease
2017-05-16: Prince Adam wins
2017-05-15: Movie-time:
2017-05-15: In Memoriam #theorgantrail
2017-05-10: Teletext album covers
2017-02-21: Blantant pandering right here
2017-02-14: It's the #AdamCurtis takeover on #skeletext
2016-12-21: Nice to see the Govt. lending a hand this Yule...
2016-11-15: Always read the small print
2016-11-15: Dark Hemisphere rocked by terror attacks
2016-11-12: Good to see edit_tf doing their public service bit
2016-11-12: Nothing to see here, move along...
2016-11-12: "J, you'd really like a dystopian UK, wouldn't you?" "No, why do you say that?"
2016-11-11: I could do with a break
2016-11-10: Prince Adam is a filthy drugs cheat
2016-11-10: Big things in store for me this week?
2016-11-09: The Eternian elections were yesterday, too. Rich white boy wins.
2016-11-09: Extra-Delicate Intrusive Technology Task Force
2016-10-23: It ain't easy being green
2016-10-23: Do you like film reviews?
2016-10-23: Four channels and still nothing on TV!