Simon Rawles

2017-06-07: Drop shadow effect
2017-05-10: I added some shading and a few tweaks to this picture of Shrek looking confused, by horsenburger.
2017-02-26: Block Party p115: hebrew test
2017-02-26: Block Party p124: Welcome sign
2017-02-26: Block Party p130: Page server URL
2017-02-26: Block Party p155: Sunday plan
2017-02-26: Block Party p171: Simon's 30-minute pic
2017-02-26: Block Party p177: Results of the 30 minute challenge
2016-10-30: Request from Ruby
2016-10-16: Prototype for a twitter-controlled teletext chess game.
2016-10-07: Hold graphics ogreload.
2016-10-06: Don't Panic, in large, friendly letters.
2016-10-03: Boxes with curved corners
2016-10-03: A re-creation of a Polish weather map.
2015-08-25: The first splash screen, then called 'teletext-editor'.
2015-08-23: teletext40 p100/01 by Simon Rawles
2015-08-08: The final screen from the CRTC production Some Nasty Effects
2015-04-11: An invitation to a film night (viewer silhouettes by Dan Farrimond)
2015-04-10: Demo of how a 8x8 game of Go could be presented on teletext using hold graphics.
teletext40 p103/01 by Simon Rawles
teletext40 p103/02 by Simon Rawles
teletext40 p103/03 by Simon Rawles
teletext40 p199/01
teletext40 p156/01
teletext40 p156/10
teletext40 p156/11
teletext40 p156/12
teletext40 p156/13
teletext40 p156/14
teletext40 p156/15
teletext40 p156/16
teletext40 p156/17
teletext40 p156/18
teletext40 p156/19
teletext40 p156/02
teletext40 p156/20
teletext40 p156/21
teletext40 p156/22
teletext40 p156/23
teletext40 p156/24
teletext40 p156/25
teletext40 p156/26
teletext40 p156/27
teletext40 p156/28
teletext40 p156/29
teletext40 p156/03
teletext40 p156/30
teletext40 p156/31
teletext40 p156/32
teletext40 p156/33
teletext40 p156/34
teletext40 p156/35
teletext40 p156/36
teletext40 p156/37
teletext40 p156/38
teletext40 p156/39
teletext40 p156/04
teletext40 p156/40
teletext40 p156/41
teletext40 p156/05
teletext40 p156/06
teletext40 p156/07
teletext40 p156/08
teletext40 p156/09