Updates from Simon Rawles

As a sort of antidote to services like Twitter, and because I haven't (yet) got into Mastadon, I started this. I try to write short updates on what I'm doing each day here. When I make progress on one of my projects, you will instead see that on the appropriate project page.

For the last few days, it's been snowing heavier than for years. I was supposed to go home today but instead I'm at my sister's house in Somerset until the train line to London is clear. We've all been watching films and playing in the snow.
I've just finally unplugged from Facebook.
I'm back in London after the snow cleared. I packed most of my radio kit up in a suitcase and brought it to London. Today I made a ‘Slim Jim’ antenna and hooked it up to a Raspberry Pi via and SDR to make M6OSR-10, an iGate. So far, however, it's not picking a whole lot up. There's less APRS in London than Cambridge, and more in the way.