Visiting Bradford-on-Avon and beyond

Here's some places I've been in BoA and Bath so far, or where I'm planning to go next. The stars are out of three and just reflect my personal fondness for the place.

In BoA






Note: It's sometimes worth checking ride-hailing apps like Uber (availability/counterpoint), which don't usually take requests to travel from BoA, to see whether they have cars in the area from other jobs.

But, here are the taxi companies I've used so far:

Further afield

Here are a few places in the region not immediately in BoA. 'Bath' just means the area around Bath as well as the city itself. I haven't included restaurants in Bristol, though the group of friends that I go out to dinner with has collectively made a list of the best that's worth looking at. If you check out that list, look out for the R3 value, the group's collective overall rating for a restaurant.

Ice Cream




Places I want to try

These places have been recommended to me but I haven't been there myself yet.

Wikivoyage mentions Mr Salvats, The Dandy Lion, The Bunch of Grapes, The Fat Fowl, Rialto, Thai Barn, Maharaja Tandoori, Beijing Paradise, Riverside Inn, Lock Inn, Out to Lunch, Canal Tavern, Station Place fish and chips, The Castle, The Three Horseshoes, The Plough, China Town, Feng Swei and The Gorge. I don't think I have heard of half of those. In 2016, the Rough Guide recommended The Barge Inn, Sebastien's Bistro, and particularly Cottage Cooperative.